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Sellers Are Still Winning in Todays Market!

Real Estate NEWS with Julie Robertson People First, Service Always! Home Prices Are Climbing in These Top

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Buyers Are Still VERY active in Todays Market!

Plenty of Buyers Are Still Active Today [INFOGRAPHIC]Some HighlightsHolding off on selling your house because you believe there aren’t any buyers out there?Data shows buyers are

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Sweet Spot in the Market for Sellers

Low Housing Inventory Is a Sweet Spot for Sellers [INFOGRAPHIC]Some HighlightsToday’s housing inventory is still well below more normal years.This low inventory is why homes

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The Main Reason Mortgage Rates Are So High

The Main Reason Mortgage Rates Are So HighToday’s mortgage rates are top-of-mind for many homebuyers right now. As a result, if you’re thinking about buying for the first time

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